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Quantum Land Design is the industry leader in managing and preparing 3D machine control and drone data required for construction projects of any scale.

At Quantum, we don't simply convert 2D plans to 3D models, but rather coordinate the effort with contractors, surveyors and engineers to ensure the 3D model and drone data we deliver will maximize efficiencyproductivity and profit for our customers in a cost effective manner.  Our staff of engineers and technicians offer the required expertise and experience to help you get the most out of your investment in machine control, drones and the latest construction technology.

Machine Control Data Prep

3D GPS machine control models from engineered plans or custom specifications.

Our Surface.PNG

Takeoffs and Volumes

Earthwork takeoff calculations, production monitoring and stockpile volumes. 

cut/fill map

Quantum Flight Pack

Contractor proven drone system, reasonably priced. 

Mavic3E-with RTK_edited.png

Permaculture Design

From survey to design to implementation.

Highway GPS Machie Control Model
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