Material Takeoffs, Volumetric Calcs & Progress Reporting

Our Value Proposition

It’s quite simple, we are experts in 3D Digital Terrain Modeling and UAV aerial data acquisition. Whether through digital or paper plans or through aerial mapping with one of our UAVs, we have the tools to help your business accurately estimate and plan for your project.


Why outsource your project estimation needs? I think everyone agrees that one of the basic building blocks of any successful company is accurate estimations and a thorough understanding of it’s cost structure. Getting this information can often be time consuming and complex. Some companies are large enough where they can afford to have dedicated departments to handle this, however this is not a luxury that many medium or small companies can afford. The costs of qualified employees, takeoff software and the continual training are just some of the costs that make this prohibitive. Here are other reason that outsourcing your takeoff estimations makes sense:

  • Accuracy – we are experts, which means you can have complete confidence in the results

  • Turnaround – We maintain a 10 day or better turnaround time.

  • Capacity – if your estimators are overloaded, let us be your surge capacity

  • Double Checking – whether a General Contractor checking sub-contractors or just need a second opinion on a job

  • Cost Savings – Reduce your labor and software costs


  • Cut/Fill Reports

  • Stripping and Demo

  • Sectional Areas

  • Colorized Maps

Volumetric Calculations

With our UAV/drone services, we can provide you with extremely accurate volumes of:

  • Stockpiles

  • Structures

  • Ditches



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