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Thanks for Visiting Us at ConExpo 2023!

It was great meeting you at ConExpo 2023! Our team appreciates the time you took to stop by our booth and attend the Education sessions we hosted.

We will be following up with all of you individually but thought we would share a little about our services here. Hopefully, this answers some of your questions about how we can work together to get the best of your investment in construction technology.

Machine Control Models

We build models for all types of projects and brands of GPS. Our turnaround time is three business days for most projects. All we need to build a model are the complete construction plans (usually a PDF file) along with the CAD file to match. To quote we only need the PDF (just email it to this address). We quote all projects lump sum. Revisions are billed according to the work required up to the full model cost if they are extensive. All models are delivered in a format you can load directly into your Trimble/Topcon/Leica system. If you would like to learn about how to get the best out of your machine control system, spend a few minutes with our free educational content.

Drones and Drone Data

We can process drone data for any project and from any drone. We charge per project, no recurring fees or subscriptions. The process is simple. You send us your photos and ground control data, we process them deliver a bare earth surface and orthophoto you can use in your takeoff software. Don't have takeoff software? Quantum's team can run the volume calculations for you. To upload drone data start here.

If you do not have a drone system, consider the Quantum Flight Pack. It's based on DJI's new Mavic 3E drone. The kit includes extra batteries, a hard case. ground control targets and accessories. It's everything you need to collect topographic data with a drone. To learn more about how to collect ground control and topo data by drone stop by our free education page. Email Zach if you would like more information on the Quantum Flight Pack.

We'll be getting back to all of you soon. Email, text or call us anytime with questions. Again, thanks for stopping by it was a pleasure to meet you.

Best Regards,

Ryan Murguia - Machine Control -

Zach Pieper - Drone Data/Biz Development -

Orrin Lanz - Machine Control -

Taylor Eisenmann- Paving and Roads -

Noah Murphy- Commercial Sites -

Hunter Hill - Commercial Sites/Drone Data -

Kiley Murguia - Controller -


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