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What We Require
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Machine Control Data

Quantum Land Design specializes in converting 2D plans to 3D models which can be utilized by contractors, engineers or land surveyors for the following:

  • Machine Control - Topcon, Trimble, Leica, Carlson, Hemisphere and most agricultural systems

  • Grade Checking

  • Earthwork Analysis, Volume Calculations, Planning and Progress Reporting

  • Stockpile Verification

Our focus is to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible by providing an accurate 3D site model and bringing to your attention any errors or anomalies that are found during the modeling process.  

We build all of our 3D models from scratch to elevations and grades shown on the Engineer's plans.  We never take CAD or a provided model and "convert" it.  


We maintain a 3 business day turnaround time for most models.  Our team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What We Require

  • Engineered site plans.  These are the same plans you will use to build the project in the field.  Usually in a PDF format.  You many need to scan the plan sheets.  

  • The latest CAD file for the project. These files are typically DWG, DXF or DGN file formats, but we are able to utilize nearly any format available.  The project engineer will provide you with this file.  

  • For a quote, all we need are the engineered site plans usually in a PDF format. ​

  • Click here to email your project files to us.

What We Provide

  • DSM (Digital Surface Model) in a format you can directly load into your machine control system.  Typically set to finish grade.

  • 2D background linework

  • 3D utilities models

  • 3D paving models

  • 3D structural excavation models

  • Custom designs

We use standardized layer and surface names for all projects.  See the blog post below for details.

We work with all of the major GPS manufacturers and will provide the necessary files to be compatible with their equipment.

New to Machine Control?

Stepping into new technology is never easy, it can even be overwhelming.  Over the years, we have taken on hundreds of new GPS users and helped them develop their knowledge and application of the latest technology.  While we can't be onsite to help, we have put together several articles that can guide you through the learning curve.  Hopefully, you can leverage mistakes we have seen other contractors make to get you over the "hump" and productive with your new tech.  We have NEVER seen a contractor go back to the old way.​

Click on the links below to develop your understanding of important concepts in machine control and even a few new ways to use it. 

The most important concept to understand when setting up EVERY GPS project is site control.  Quantum's Four Principles of Site Control will get you started off on the right foot.  Each principle, onetwothree and four, has it's own article with a detailed explanation.  Look to the right for the Four Principles video.  

Many contractors use single point control for custom jobs or basic topo surveys.  Due to the "single point" nature of setting up your GPS this way it can rotate horizontally and drift vertically over time.  This article details how to set up single point control so that it is accurate and repeatable over time.  It's more work, but time very well spent. 

Tempted by that "free" 3D surface offered by the developer or project Engineer? This blog post will help you understand why that surface was not developed for machine control applications.  This one might seem a little self serving on Quantum's part, but blindly using a free 3D model is probably the second biggest mistake contractors make, the first being poor site control.  

Grow the $$$ return of your GPS system buy using it for structural excavation, underground utilities or even site drainage.  

Interested in capturing your own topo surveys for volume calculations or custom designs?  We can help with that to.  Take a look at the How to Topo video to the right to get started.  


Ready to "elevate" your tech and implement drone data for your company?  Take a look at the Quantum Flight Pack and our keep-it-simple drone methodology.  


Have a specific question?  Shoot Orrin, Ryan or Zach an email or give us a ring.

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