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Wet site have you bogged? How can you maintain positive drainage during the construction process? Rain days cost you money and aren't much of an excuse for a schedule slip to a demanding general contractor. We can help with that. Well, not right now but before it happens…. Let me explain.

When a project is finish graded water runs to storm intakes, into detention ponds or even an adjacent waterway. You use GPS machine control to efficiently and accurately finish grade the site. Why not use a machine control model to maintain drainage during construction? Without standing water you will be back to work faster and spend less money "farming" the site to get the material back in spec.

Many of our clients at Quantum Land Design have recognized this and request a drainage model in addition to the finish grade model for their projects. A drainage model takes into consideration your earthmoving process, site utilities and the final design to keep your projects high and dry when rain hits.

To maintain drainage, we can divert water around the site or set up small swales to consolidate it away from cut or fill areas. We can even set up drainage surfaces for large building pads and parking lots with a slight slope to drain water away as the pad is being filled to finish grade. Once the working area approaches final grade the operator switches to the finish grade model to level it up. If your earthmoving plan requires multiple phases of cut/fill our modelers will take that into consideration and develop a drainage model for each phase. Most importantly, we make sure the runoff stays within your erosion control plan, keeping you in compliance.

Do you want to use a drainage model on your next project or even one you have under way? Just ask. Shoot me an email at or call 515-505-3510 ex:702

Wet Site

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