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Get Your 3D Grading Under Control

Site Control Lathe

Localization, site calibration, GPS control, benchmarks, whatever you call it, is a very important concept to understand for any project using the latest grade control technology. To be consistent, we will refer to it as "site control" from here on out. The site control on each project is what lines up your 3D surface model with the real world. Once you have measured ("shot") in good site control and done a few accuracy checks you are ready to grade.

Poor site control is one of the most common - and avoidable - problems encountered by Quantum's clients. Improper site control leads to a host of issues that can cost a grading contractor a lot of time and money.

To get your projects off to a smooth start, Quantum's experts will take an in depth look at site control, how to set it up and how it effects your projects in a series of blog posts.

To start we would like to introduce you to what we call the four principles of site control.

The four principles apply to any machine control system manufacturer and any project site. Keep an eye on our blog for detailed posts explaining each principle and how you can apply it to your grading projects.

Rather watch a video? This companion video will walk you through all four principles and give you a few pointers on base station setup and control point placement.

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